Our Leadership

We are currently seeking board members and volunteers for the positions of Communications and Member at Large.  To get involved, please contact us here.

Our Board of Directors:

Beth Schaller – President
Beth joined the FCC board in 2012 as the Treasurer.  Beth and her husband, Jim, first learned about FCC when they attended “waiting family meetings” back in 2006, long before they adopted their three children from China.  Those waiting family meetings provided invaluable information and planted the seeds of long-lasting friendships.  Chinese New Year celebrations, family camp, movie-screenings, panel discussions and guest speakers are some of the ways that FCC has enriched their family life since 2006.  Beth is deeply grateful for what FCC has provided and serving as a board member has been a way to share these opportunities with others.
Suzanne Creitz – Vice-President
Sharyn Marcuson – Secretary
Becca Barlow – Treasurer
Sharon Manuel – Membership Director & Teen  Director
Cherished Volunteers


shooting-star-147722_960_720Robyn Brewer – Rock Star
Robyn was on the FCC Board for 4 years and has been a very active parent volunteer for the last 2 years. She and her husband Tim have a daughter adopted from the Hunan Province of China in 2011. Robyn is a Trust officer at a local Bank.
We are seeking more board members and volunteers…  We should have 7 members of our board and we are currently at 5.  Please consider joining us.  We meet quarterly and the load is light when shared.  We could really use help in the communications department and ideas and energy for new educational and cultural activities.
We are so grateful for all those who have served on the board in the past.  Your service is a great gift to our community!