Fang’s follow-up comments from her Portland visit in May

 Hello Portland!  As a part of my life scrapbook/summer blogging/record keeping, I would love it if any of you (especially the young teens and older teens) would write a small vignette or paragraph about your thoughts & reflections regarding what you learned from the weekend, from me?, from the community coming together, etc.  I do not yet know what Fangtopia will look like in a year, but with your thoughtful feedback, I will be more equipped to shape and sculpt my idea into something that better serves us Chinese adoptees. You can email your responses directly to  I may not respond to every reflection, but please know that I truly appreciate everything you say.  Also, please be aware that whatever you write might be posted on my public blog!  If you would like to share privately with me your thoughts, please email those over to me with a note that says “keep private please”.  Thank you and I look forward to hearing from everyone!  Sending my love, Portland.”