Special Screening “The Invisible Red Thread”

Our FCC chapter is excited to be hosting a special screening of the new documentary “The Invisible Red Thread” in Portland.  The date, time and location are currently in negotiation and will be announced soon — on our website, our Facebook page (Like us!), and via email. 

In the film, 15 year-old Vivian Lum travels with her adoptive father from Canada to China to return to her birth city and orphanage in Jiangxi, and also meets Shumin Zhu, adopted by a rural family in China from the same orphanage.  The girls compare lives as the film explores the ripple effects of China’s one-child policy.  Who might Vivian have been if she hadn’t been one of the international adoptees, and was adopted instead by a Chinese family?  The Invisible Red Thread travels the twists of fate that brought these girls to very different worlds, and the ties that still connect Vivian to China.